Slow Teams in the 2013 NCAA Tournament

Today has been a nightmare for the favored teams who play at a slow pace. The chart below contains the 32 teams who were favored in their second (first) round games in the 2013 NCAA tournament, sorted by slowest to fastest, with results:

Favorites Tempo Rank
(Slowest to Fastest)
Pittsburgh 337 Loss
Notre Dame 319 Loss
Georgetown 315 Loss
Wisconsin 309 Loss
Florida 298 Win
Kansas State 295 Loss
Minnesota 288 Win
Miami 281 Win
Michigan State 252 Win
Ohio State 246 Win
Gonzaga 233 Win
Butler 232 Win
Syracuse 228 Win
Marquette 226 Win
New Mexico 220 Loss
Michigan 219 Win
Creighton 214 Win
St. Louis 211 Win
Colorado State 206 Win
Illinois 172 Win
Arizona 130 Win
San Diego State 125 Win
Louisville 112 Win
Oklahoma State 97 Loss
Kansas 91 Win
Indiana 86 Win
Duke 83 Win
NC State 75 Loss
VCU 70 Win
UNLV 50 Loss
Memphis 30 Win
North Carolina 17 Win

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