Blocks Per Minute: Anthony Davis

Below is a scatter plot of blocks and minutes played since 2007 (entire careers, through 2012 season). Anthony Davis blocked a lot of shots.

I don’t usually write too much with my posts, but felt this was important enough…

While going through the charted data, I came across the name Kenny George and my heart sank. He only came on TV a few times, but when he did social media nearly exploded. He was between 7′ 9″ and 7′ 11″. There was so much attention paid to him when he had televised games but, as that last link shows, the attention died down afterwards. Even after his three-month hospitalized battle with a foot infection (where he fought for his life), the number of search queries was about ten times less than when he first came on television.

In any case, he had the eighth-best block-per-minute ratio. (Papa Lo had the highest).

Anthony Davis Most Efficient Shot Blocker Ever? No

As pointed out in this post by Matt Johnson, Anthony Davis might be the closest thing we’ve seen to Bill Russell. And he doesn’t foul too much either. In the photo below, his entire body is so close to the shooter, but it doesn’t look like he’s touching him at all (even his fingers!). Crazy body control.

Anthony Davis' Crazy Block



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