Visualizing (un)Balanced College Hoops Teams

My last post only shows the names of two teams. I’ve added in more teams at the request of “Nick.” The plot at the bottom is for 2012 only.

I sure could use an interactive version of this.

The most interesting thing to me is on the graph for the 2012 season. Look at Missouri and Louisville. Each looks like the inverse of the other. Then you consider their tournament results.

Data Visualization on Balanced College Basketball Teams

Data Visualization on Balanced College Basketball Teams in 2012


5 Responses to Visualizing (un)Balanced College Hoops Teams

  1. Nick says:

    Fascinating! and impressive hustle out of you!

    I wish I recalled that 1998 Murray State team better.

    I think Tableau has software that will allow for interactivity that you mention.

  2. thelonestarstats says:

    Thank you! I’ll look into that.

  3. Would it be possible to plot the 2012 data with different colored points for teams that made the NCAA tournament? Or made it to the Sweet Sixteen? I think it would also be interesting to plot this based on conference or just BCS conference vs non-BCS conference.

    • thelonestarstats says:

      I have a few ideas like that. What I want to do is take out the actual team plots and show a heat map of what areas in the chart are more likely to make it to each round of the tourney. But I think I need to weight the axis data for strength of schedule. No idea how to do the heat map though…

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